Size chart


BUST. Place one end of the tape measure at the fullest part of your bust and wrap it around your body to get the measurement, keeping the tape parallel to the floor.

UNDER BUST. Wrap tape so that it rests just under your bust, where your bra band would sit (just next to your ribs).

WAIST. Find the narrowest part of your waist, located above bely button and below your rib cage.

HIPS. Stand with your hips together and measure the fullest part of your hips. Be sure to go over your buttocks as well.

ARM. Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest partt of your arm (around biceps part).

While during all measurements ensure that the tape is consistently level and that you are not wrapping the tape to tightly.

Download the size chart or check it out below:


The bodysuit size corresponds to your height (from 166 cm up to 178 cm). If your height is less than 165 cm, please consider taking an item of smaller size, and if it is higher than 179 cm, then you may want to choose a larger size.

When ordering a set you can choose different sizes for top and bottoms.

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